High natural background radiation areas
Ramsar, Iran


Ramsar is the city located along the Caspian Sea north of the mountain range of Elburz. There are many hot-springs in the city which have high radium concentrations. The city is well-known as a convention venue for the famous Ramsar Convention on Wet Land.


City of Ramsar north of the Elburz range.

Teheran: south of the Elburz range.

The highest indoor dose in Ramsar was 28Gy/h. On a wall surface it was as high as 130Gy/h. Based on an analysis by a -ray spectrometry it was shown that main components of radiations are Ra-226 and its daughter products. Daily dose for inhabitants there was assumed to be 0.19mGy/d, i.e., 71mGy/y.

Out-door dose rates were dependent on the distribution of hot-spring residues including Ra-226. In some places it was 22Gy/h at 1 m high and 73Gy/h on the surface.

Maharat is a new high natural radiation area made of Ra-226 residues 230 km south-west of Teheran. There are only hot-springs without any residents.

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